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 Post subject: All about joseki
Post #1 Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:20 pm 
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Anybody have this book? Anyone have a review?

 Post subject: Re: All about joseki
Post #2 Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:51 pm 
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I have the book. I'm afraid I can't give you a real review because I haven't read the book, I have only looked at it, and because it is way over my head. I can give you a general description just from looking at it.

It's 114 pages long. It contains joseki sequences from 30 amateur games, probably mostly or all dan-level games. For each game, they give the actual game record (not the whole game, only the joseki sequence they are interested in) in one diagram (or sometimes a few), and then discuss improvements/options by using a number of variation diagrams accompanied by sentences or short paragraphs of text. Games 1 through 16 are captioned "Correcting Joseki Mistakes," and Games 17 through 30 are captioned "Choosing the Right Joseki."

There are usually two diagrams per page, but sometimes three. The diagrams take up considerabley more space than the text. Most diagrams show the whole board but some show only local sequences. A brief sampling of comments suggests that they are sometimes looking at outright mistakes in joseki (i.e., moves that have a local disadvantage), and sometimes looking at how joseki choices in one corner work with the rest of the board (i.e., how a locally correct joseki may have a global disadvantage).

The text accompanying the diagrams generally consists of short comments on the diagram sequence, along the lines of: "After 15, it looks like White is in trouble, but then Black makes a mistake with his play at 17. See Variation 2," or "Black should play 3 in this way instead of in Variation 7. This is also a joseki and makes Black's moyo huge. This pattern is much better for Black than what happens in the game. This is a good choice for Black." (I chose these two comments by opening the book at random, but they seem fairly typical.)

The amount of analysis of each game sequence varies, maybe due to the relative complexity of the joseki sequence being discussed. So, for example, there are 13 variation diagrams for Game 1, 5 variation diagrams for Game 2, 11 variation diagrams for Game 3, 6 variation diagrams for Game 4, etc.

There appears to be almost no discussion of general joseki principles in this book. As far as I can tell from a brief look, this book consists entirely of two pros looking at 30 joseki sequences from amateur dan games and pointing out specific variations where play could have been improved.

I'm not sure who this book is intended for. It seems to assume a fairly high level of joseki knowledge and general understanding. It might be most useful for a dan player who already has a good understanding of joseki and is interested in seeing the difference between how a pro and an amateur dan analyzes josekis.

 Post subject: Re: All about joseki
Post #3 Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:18 am 
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You can also take a look on Slate & Shells Sample Pages


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