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Peace League
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Author:  Elom0 [ Tue Nov 29, 2022 7:03 am ]
Post subject:  Peace League

So on Fox 16 Chinese and 13 Taiwanese pros each including 4 women, 2 youth and 2 seniors, with Taiwanese pros including Taiwanese who play in Japanese associations. Then add 1 male and female amateur each from Taiwan, Korea, China and Japan. Then add 2 Japanese senior players, 4 Japanese women players and 2 Korean women players (Korean players already play a lot more than other pros so I won't add to many). Then add 4 players each from the Americas, Europe, and East Asia plus 1 male and 1 female player from North Korea, and then 1 in player from outside all the mentioned regions (rest of world. They play in a 5-round swiss with players who play in the same country avoiding each other under Chinese rules but with an integer Komi of exactly 7 points. After both leagues have done five rounds, add the Japanese and Korean players to the Chinese League and finish 3 more rounds of the Chinese League including the results of the Korea and Japan League.

The top 5 native Japanese pros, since Taiwanese pros would be playing in the other league, and the top 4 Korean pros plus top female Korean pros all play 5 games against the player from the other country.

To avoid accumulating money towards the top end of go professionals, fans can vote to have certain amount of dollars allocated to whoever comments on certain games, and they can add their own money if it doesn't get enough allocation votes.

I'm super super serious.

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