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 Post subject: Chen Yaoye defeated Gu Lingyi to win the 9th CCTV Cup.
Post #1 Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 11:33 pm 
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I translated another article about the CCTV Cup final. It included some biographical information about the finalists, Chen Yaoye and Gu Lingyi. They are young, exciting players, so it is time to be familiar with them!

This is the first time that Chen Yaoye has won CCTV Cup. In June, Chen Yaoye and Gu Lingyi will join Kong Jie to play in the Asian TV Cup. After the match, Chen Yaoye stated that he was not happy with his game. He observed that both sides made mistakes, but in the end he was fortunate to have enough ko threats to win.

Gu Lingyi was born July 3, 1991 in Chengdu. In 2002 he became 1p, and in 2003 he joined the Chinese national youth squad. In 2007 he earned 5p. In 2001 he took 3rd place in the national youth championship. In 2003 he took first place in Group B of the national youth squad selection tournament [not totally clear on this one]. In 2004 he won the youth section of the 21st world youth championship. From 2007 to 2009 he has held the Southwest Qiwang title [each time winning through the tournament, not merely winning a title challenge]. In 2009 he helped the Sichuan team win the Chinese City League. In 2010 he challenged Gu Li for the Mingren title, losing 3-1, and he defeated Wang Xi 2-1 to win the 2nd Longxing Cup.

Chen Yaoye was born December 16, 1989 in Beijing. In 2000 he became 1p, and in 2005, he won the National Go Individual Championship. In 2006 he lost 2-3 to Gu Lin in the LG Cup finals. In 2007 he took 2nd in the Asian TV Cup, earning him 9p (two runner-ups in international tournaments merits direct promotion to 9p). In 2009 he defeated Gu Li 2-0 to claim the 23rd Tianyuan (at 19 years, 4 months, he became the youngest-ever Tianyuan). In 2010 he defeated Gu Li 2-1 to defend the title.

To reach the final, Chen Yaoye defeated Cao Dayuan 9p, Fan Yunruo 1p, Liu Xing 7p, Wang Xi 9p and Zho Ruiyang 5p. Gu Liyang defeated Zhu Songli 6p, Sun Tengyu 4p, Zhang Li 5p, Zhang Wei 6p, Paio Wenyao 5p. Three years ago, Chen Yaoye took 2nd place in the CCTV Cup, and then took 2nd place in the following Asian TV Cup.

The two players are of similar age and are outstanding at blitz go. Both players have challenged Gu Li for titles; their strength is already apparent.

The final game:
In the opening, both sides laid out frameworks. Chen Yaoye then invaded the upper left at the 2-5 point, and White immediately besieged this new group. Black took advantage of the opportunity to charge into the center.

When white attached at 64, black played the knight's move at 65 to counterattack. Although the ensuing sequence resulted in an ugly shape for Black, White had too many cutting points, and the four stones in the center were captured. Soon after, Black invaded White's large framework on the left side, erasing much of the potential territory. Gu Lingyi followed by returning the favor on the right side, attaching on the 4th line and splitting up Black's large territory. The advantage was constantly shifting.

White's clamp at 122 was problematic--White could not retrieve this stone. Chen Yaoye believed that although White's loss was not large, Black did profit from this. Soon after, Gu Lingyi rushed to grab the big endgame point on the upper side, but Chen Yaoye turned to the left side and attached on the third line, thinking that this was bigger. However, after the capture at 167, Chen Yaoye reflected that he should have connected instead, leaving the chance to hassle the lower left corner in sente. He lost at least two points here. White also gave up points: at 182, White should have played directly at 186.

Both players made mistakes to the sound of the timekeeper's voice counting down the seconds in byo-yomi. The decisive point of the game was the ko fight on the right side. Recognizing his advantage in ko threats, Chen Yaoye decided to stake the game upon fighting this ko. Gu Lingyi could not win the ko fight, so Chen Yaoye won the game by a narrow 1.5 point margin and for the first time became CCTV Cup champion.

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 Post subject: Re: Chen Yaoye defeated Gu Lingyi to win the 9th CCTV Cup.
Post #2 Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 12:39 am 
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The final game referred in the interview:

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