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 Post subject: Guide: GoGoD Encyclopedia E-Book
Post #1 Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2021 1:30 pm 
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GoGoD has an Encyclopedia. It includes a TON of information that can't be found elsewhere in English. It's a bit hard to describe the Encyclopedia because it includes so many things. Go history, classic and "modern," players tournaments, some trivia/tid-bits, explanation of concepts, game positions with discussion, and so on. Ok yeah, it's an "encyclopedia."

Recently I was reviewing castle games and wanted to learn more about Hayashi Genbi and his promotions. Sensei's gives a bit of info in almost 100 words. But he was 7-dan at some point... I turned to GoGoD and they have an 800+ word article. And GoGoD actually had the information I wanted -- the year that Genbi promoted to 7-dan. Awesome! Now I can take this GoGoD Encyclopedia information and use it to update the castle game record information in the GoGoD Database.

Currently the GoGoD encyclopedia sells for $15 (or $10 with the game database) at The main issue for me is that the Encyclopedia comes as a directory structure including a website. So, you need to be at your computer and you need to spend time digging through it. I could not figure out a good way to access the directory structure on my Android phone. But just recently I found an easy way to convert the GoGoD Encyclopedia website to an E-book so that it's easy to read on Mobile. Now I can read the Encyclopedia in bed. If you already own GoGoD, I hope this helps you. And if you don't own it, maybe the eBook is an incentive.

Here is what the GoGoD Encyclopedia looks like as an eBook. You can click the links at the top just like a normal website. If you swipe pages like a normal ebook, you will just go through the pages in the order presented on the web page. It's like a depth-first search. You'd swipe from the home page, through all of the tournaments, the groups, the players, the history, and so on.


Here is the process:

  1. Purchase GoGoD + Encyclopedia from
  2. Extract the zip file somewhere you can find it.
  3. Download and install Calibre at
  4. In Calibre, click "Add Book" in the top left, and then navigate to the main Encyclopedia webpage at \<directory you chose>\GoGoDEncyclopaedia\TBase\Home.html
  5. Wait a few seconds for everything to be loaded.
  6. Click "Convert Book" in Calibre, choose conversion settings (I used epub), and choose a cover image if you like. I used this apparently classic GoGoD photo: Seems like a fun guy.
  7. Wait several minutes (11 for me).
  8. Copy the new .epub file (or whatever your chose) to your mobile device (I used Google Drive on my computer and on Android)
  9. Read the eBook on your mobile device (I used the "Reasily" ebook app on Android).
  10. See notes below for "New In Go"

It mostly works OK. You can open the eBook and the first page is the main home page (see image above). From there you can click all of the links just like a webpage. There is even a table of contents that is automatically created and its about half useful.

I'd say that most pages turn out good. Some are only OK. The article on Castle Games is formatted correctly.

But the articles on Newspapers and the one on Associations have the full "pixel width" set on the webpage. You can still drag your finger across the page to see the entire article. But this is not very clean and it doesn't work the same as a normal ebook. Presumably this can be fixed by manually editing the html files but I didn't do this. I think there is a way to fix this issue within Calibre but I haven't figured it out yet.


I may try to get the table of contents working and fix the margins later.


How to Fix the "New in Go" Section

The one problem I have is that New In Go is not working. I think this is because it uses a "frame" (not seen in webpages really anymore) to list all of the articles. Even if I click "Next" on the main page (in the eBook), there is an error going to the first article.

This frame is a webpage and is found at \GoGoDEncyclopaedia\NewInGo\rightframe.htm. You can create another eBook with Calibre using just this html and it will have all of the New In Go articles with links.

You can also get your hands dirty by editting NewInGo.html to remove the frames (i removed the entire "frameset" section) and then just copy the code from rightframe.htm at the end of NewInGo.htm. HTML allows you to just copy it in. Now the page "NewInGo" is essentially just the rightframe. You could also edit the link from the main page. Be sure to maintain your GoGoD zip file or create a copy so that you don't mess up your original files.

I made the edits above and now New In Go is included in my eBook.


By the way, it doesn't seem like you can access the "Coffee Break" files from the main GoGoD Encyclopedia page. Or, I can't find it. But don't forget about these. Maybe I'd need to create a webpage to list these.

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