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LeelaZero match-play games ranked with breakwa11
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Author:  Babagogo [ Mon Mar 08, 2021 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  LeelaZero match-play games ranked with breakwa11

Hello everybody. Someone else has probably already done this, but I thought I might make it more publicly accessible. I took LeelaZero's match play games and ordered them by rank according to breakwa11's AI ratings ( I found selfplays to be a bit too erratic as LeelaZero tries out new moves, playing on the first line in openings even at strong networks. Here's the link: (850MB).
I just extracted dan-level games, which add up to 600,000+ sgfs. Breakwa11 doesn't use a professional category so the amateur dans merge into professional level at around 6D (see the bottom of the github README). The way I cut off the dan points in my collection: the network ranks break where the first occurrence of each rank appears on the file, except when I ran over the early 14D on breakwa11's list.
I also prepared them to be read by q5go's pattern search. To load them into the program, go to settings then import/export and click on the "Add subdirs" button, which opens your file explorer. Navigate to the location where you extracted your zip file and select the #D folders that you want to analyse. q5go will load the sub directories automatically. The sub directories are named after the first 8 characters of the network hashes (unique identifiers).
The lower dans still make mistakes with self-atari and throw-ins and less-than-ideal endgames, even in obvious instances. But I think it is useful to see how LeelaZero thought when it was still at human level play; I wouldn't load them though if you want only supreme games to study.
I want to give credit to the following resources:

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