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Mancala and Chance
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Author:  Elom0 [ Thu Jun 09, 2022 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  Mancala and Chance

I realise that it was likely in 2013, earlier than I first remember, I thought of the idea of an Ethiopian-Irish go player turning pro. The joke was the question of what does it mean to be lucky in a perfect information game (although historically Ireland seems to have been a bit unlcuky . . .), and also that Ethiopia was the only African country to not be colonised, so they must be good at military strategy, perhaps Ras Alula was an ancestor of 'Ayana' an Amharic-Japanese pun (no slight to the Omori, at the time I didn't know there where Omori and Amharic or that Ayana was Amharic, I just assumed Ethiopia would be a single ethnic group since it was never colonised by Europe and so Ayana was 'Ethiopian'. Of course I didn't consider multiple ethnic groups on the African continent taking control over Ethiopia beforehand), and a pun on the title songs, 'Surrounding Gardens'. Please have mercy on my 13-year-old self after watching Hikaru no Go, in any case he's better than my current self.

'Go' refers to the 'small stone' or probably more accurately the 'pebble' used in go. In any case a 'small stone' or 'go' can also refer to multiple variants of mancala played with small stone. Indeed they variants of mancala. Indeed if you consider the Arabian peninsula as part of Africa then Mancala is a game played throughout the entire of Africa.

What is interesting is that I've never heard of any historian or board game expert make the link between it and backgammon. Indeed Backgammon is likely just another variant Mancala/Awele/Adji. A variant which includes chance. A variant, rather than origin, since Backgammon is more complex and therefore I think it's 70% likely it's a later invention. It's also interesting that Senet, and Senet is the likely precursor to a game we play today, but I forget what it is and what the rules are (get the joke!).

The reason this connection hasn't been made by westerners may be the same reason some may see South Africa or Israel being part of the EGF is somehow par the course, with nothing strange about it (Although I don't oppose it, I just think Morocco, which sends representatives to the World Amateur Go Championships, maybe should opt for observer status with the EGF. In addition South Africa should probably also have observer status in the AGF until they or or and another or other African countries set up an African Go association)

Okay, Backgammon normally uses discs but you could play Backgammon with go stones and it's the same family of games. So I will there call all of the similar games, cycle
Igo and Cycle can all fall under the category of Go
Then all the Variants of Chess, Chess, Shogi, all variants of Elephant Chess, heck, Xianshochess, can likewise be combined with all variants, English and of Checkers or Draughts, to fall under 'capturing games with Monarchs or a leading piece in them'

And, in Surrounding Gardens, One character tries to master all the Go games while another tries to master all 'capturing games with Monarchs or a leading piece in them'. Haha!

An new idea for training a neural net lies within this, hence the link . . .

Author:  RobertJasiek [ Thu Jun 09, 2022 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mancala and Chance

From 1935 to 1941, Italy attacked what is now Ethiopia.

Author:  Elom0 [ Thu Jun 09, 2022 7:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mancala and Chance

RobertJasiek wrote:
From 1935 to 1941, Italy attacked what is now Ethiopia.

Yes, but then the Italian general in charge towards the latter end of their conflict--who knew translation issues could help cause so much fighting--made a dumb decision and attacked without enough preparations, and were eventually forced to withdraw from Ethiopia at the hand of Ras Alula under Yohannes. I guess the Italians were rubbish this sort of colonisation thing, luckily for Ethiopia haha! And Ethiopia had a meritocracy culture so their generals were picked based on competence more so than in other more nepotistic countries ;-).

Author:  Elom0 [ Fri Jun 10, 2022 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mancala and Chance

In Japan, Kanto and Johto.

Hoenn in Japan, then Sinnoh in Korea, these being the best series.

then New York, called Unova, then Paris, called Kalos. However it's obvious that these two should have been together in one series called Kalos-Unova based on a hybrid between New York and Paris. But it will be the length of two series and we'll lose series pairing if it's one. So maybe Ash attempts the league twice so it's still two?

then Hawaii, called, haha, called Aloha. But again this would have been a perfect opportunity for it to have been a hybrid with Taiwan and call it Beatiful Aloha region. Pokemon Journeys however seems good.

The next series obviously should be in Addis Ababa. It seems Ethiopia is the world hegemony in the Pokemon world. And notice how I paired the series together? For some reason they always seem to go together in these pairs. And it's great, the one after Addis Ababa should pair in some way too.

An Alphazero style neural net that learns not just Chess and Shogi, but also Xianggqi, and other variants. The proportion of training time between Chess, Shogi, Xianggqi, and then other variants would be four equal amounts of time. Then all that time together will be the same proportion of time the neural net spends on no-komi. So half the time on Chess variants then half the time on go.

Half the time the neural net will spend on area scoring, then the other half with Elegant Lentear territory rules. Also, the number of games played will be equal between 19x19, 13x13, 9x9, 7x7, 5x5. Of course the smaller boards won't take up much time.

I'll call this Neural Net the Chess-Lentear zero, a creative name. Look I'm not good at making things.

That spends half it's time on variants of draughts,checkers and half it's time on various variants of Mancala including Backgammon.

Pieces in different variants of chess with identical movements will be considered the same piece, and when it promote it will be considered a different piece to what it was. I could, but I won't. Instead, the net will train on movement. So pieces with similar movement will contribute to training on each other. Although I have no idea on how I'm going to be able to do this.

Author:  Elom0 [ Sat Jun 11, 2022 4:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mancala and Chance

Afro-Arabic Draughts,Checkers is a handy way for me to call these Mancala-Backgammon games. Of course the big issue is that Backgammon includes chance. How do you train a neural net for that? My 'real' self fully believes in the philosophy that you can never know something 100%. When I was a wee lad and someone asked if the window was open, I'd say that I think the window is open. My current, trashy self actually virtually tries to forbid me from doing this. Checking back on my beliefs is everything has to be a statement of fact. Now I'm relatively sure Schizophrenia relates to OCD but I'm beginning to suspect links to split personality, something I'm guilty of having never taken too seriously in the past. Coincidentally and amazingly, within a few weeks after realising this as an aspect causing my mental deficiency, I've recently seen BW depicting air battles in which the gym leader saves time by replacing real gym battles with ones simulated in her head, and realised my brain when ill. In Point Zero (soule impact) and it's song we're in a future 100 years from where a united Korea is the cultural world hegemony. Japan and China (including Taiwan as part of both--a 'One Japan, One China' Policy seem to do better always when they pair with Korea, I mean for example Diamond and Pearl takes place in Korea in Seoul, called Sinnoh, and is the best Pokemon series ever. There are other reasons why maybe Korea is best as a leader among Nations. Anyway. Instead of having open and female pro qualification tournaments, female amateur tournaments are constructed in such a way so that female amateurs can make enough money to focus on studying baduk, to maybe eventually become pro through the open exam, This seems plausible to the Korean style. But in the future Baduk is advanced, however Neural nets allow me to write of baduk in the future . . . But in order to do that I have to properly calibrate not just neural nets but also my rating system, haha.

How did Mancala evolve to include the dice? An archaeological artefact can be found shedding light on this it would be nice

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