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 Post subject: Generalised Elephant Chess (Xjianggqi)
Post #1 Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:59 am 
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Online playing schedule: The OGS data looks pretty so I'll pause for now before I change it.
1-Maybe a better version, Okay each page shows one of both sides of each piece, and the general can start in any position shown.
2-All pawns start as 卒, and can move up to two side to side before crossing the river without any issues, and once done it flips from 卒 to 兵. You can move a third side-to-side before it crosses the river, but if you do and the opponent doesn't and the game ends in a draw on the board, your opponent will get 0.5+ (0.5/∞) board points while you will get 0.5- (0.5/∞). In other words, they'd have 1/∞ more than you and so win the game.
3-And this is the rule I'm most satisfied with. All elephants start as 象, You can move up to one elephant across the river (or use the special Janggi move) and from then on that elephant flips to 相 and moves as in Janggi.
4-The Fire Cannon 炮 moves as in Xiangqi while the Stone Cannon 砲 moves as in Janggi and they can start the game on the left or the right, but the second player to place pieces must maintain diagonal symmetry. Each piece has both characters, one on each side, in case players want to play only Xjiangqi or Janggi, or Xjiangchess, in which the canon flips after each move, or Xiangchess or Jangchess.
5-Each general can start as in Xiangqi or Janggi. The Janggi rule for generals leading to a draw applies, and the Xiangqi rule for the Flying General manoeuvre also applies, but if you win this way, it's only by 0.5 a board point instead of 1 (you'll get 0.75 board points to the opponent's 0.25, instead of 1 to 0), so obviously in a winning position in a multi-game match one may choose not to use the Flying General.
6-Players place each piece alternately, and then this continued with the player placing the first piece also making the first actual game move. I think in Shogi and Chess, the lower-skilled player should always start first, or in a match of multiple games with the player having the first move alternating each match, the weaker player should play first in the first game. However in Xjianggqi the player who sets each piece up first is at a slight strategic disadvantage, and this is compensated by them also moving first. The ability to switch cannons for horses as in Xiangqi is there, however the ability to switch pieces as in Janggi are only allowed in multi-game matches, or in other words, the setup for the first game in any match should be the standard Xiangqi setup. From the fourth game on, any setup along the first row is allowed.
7-If both players agree, the rules for the pawns, elephants and cannons and position setting can be changed, and in this way the game can essentially either the Korean or Chinese versions. This is especially useful in tri chess triChess.

A symbiosis between Xiangqi and Janggi. You can open a .odg (OpenDocument Drawing) with Libre Office

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