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Author:  Javaness2 [ Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Country Code

Whenever we submit results to the EGD we give several bits of info for each player. One of these is the Country Code. What exactly should we take that to mean?
Should it match with the club code?
Should it be a player's nationality? (they can have many)
Should it be the federation of the country of which the player is a member? (they can be in many federations)
Yes, it's a boring little question, but it isn't obviously answered in the documentation, and it probably should be. or ... ns2014.pdf or the IGF fee system can use the EGD database right now using the third option as the gospel truth.
The other lines contain data about each player's performance. Each line must contain the following tokens, separated by blank space or tabs:
placement : a sequence of integer numbers starting from 1, with no repetitions (i.e.: no ex-aequo) nor sequence jumps
last name
rank declared at the beginning of the tournament
country (2-chars ISO code)
club (4 chars)
a variable number of columns (depending on tournament's criteria and also on the program you used), typically 3 or 4, containing the values on which placements have been calculated (MMS, SOS and so on). EGD ignores them completely
as many "tokens" as rounds in the tournaments with each game's result, in the format:
opponent: is referred by his placement in the wallist
result: + (a win), - (a loss) or = (jigo)
color: 'b/w' = black / white. If omitted, the default handicap strategy of the tournament is applied.
handicap: specifies the number of handicap stones (given or taken). If omitted, and color is specified, zero is assumed, so for instance: "2+/w" is the same as "2+/w0" (while "2+" would mean that the system will evaluate colors and handicap according to the tournament strategy).
optionally other columns may be present with information about placement. The system ignores them

Author:  betterlife [ Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Country Code

I guess most of the difficult cases origin from players which pay to two clubs: one in their home country and one where they live. Here i've seen both solutions and i guess both are fine.
The club should always match the country.
It shouldn't be the player's nationality, this should be handled separately if really necessary.
I guess we can add this somewhere in the EGD guidelines / rules. Not sure if it should go into the EGF Regulations?!
BTW. the pair go system is really outdated and needs a revision.

Author:  Javaness2 [ Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Country Code

It makes sense to me that country code would mean the country that a club was located in. Clubs in different countries could easily have the same code, and that would lead to confusion.
It is very common for the tournament director to ask new players "What shall I put for your Country?" and the answer creates trouble for the idea above. Examples: A student from the USA who is at a club in Austria.

Regarding Pair Go. Yes, I think those rules need reformed. In my opinion they promote Go instead of promoting Pair Go.

Author:  kvasir [ Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Country Code

Doesn't the players flag depend on the country code? It is probably best to let people self declare their country when registering.

It is not clear to me why EGD collects club abbreviations at all. There is no definite list and in many cases the field has been used for a geographic area instead of a club. Then more interesting information like gender and birth year is not collected. Which means it is not possible to have rating lists for young/old or male/female players.

Author:  Javaness2 [ Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Country Code

My wild guess is that since the System was originally made for the Czech Republic, they originally just collected club codes to distinguish players and track certain things. After opening it up to the EGF, they naturally added in a Country code so that club code could still be used.

Tracking data like gender and age could be interesting, but might annoy people

Author:  kvasir [ Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Country Code

Javaness2 wrote:
Tracking data like gender and age could be interesting, but might annoy people

GDPR compliance is a whole other issue, but it is not something new that organizations need a lawful basis and purpose to collect personal data. I have assumed that EGF collects my club affiliation in the public interest, it is after all the governing body for Go competitions in Europe. I don't need to describe the EGF to you :tmbup:

Gender and age are in FIDE rating list but I don't know if that causes problems. My assumption is that gender and age could be optional for EGD. It seems reasonable to me to have this information.

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