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Where / how to record studies
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Author:  CDavis7M [ Tue May 17, 2022 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Where / how to record studies

Does anyone keep a study journal that's not here or on Sensei's? How do you do it? Anyone use paper or notecards? I wonder if a game record notepad would be good for this since the board is already on the page. In the past I tried dotted notecards but found them to be too small. I may just print game record pages and staple or stitch them together.

I currently have a Google Doc with some notes on things to look at again, like: "Go Seigen v. Inoue Ichiro - Move 28." The diagrams I can make are pretty rudimentary. L19 and Sensei's have great diagrams but my ideas are not put together and I would not want to clutter the "new" sections. Once nice thing about Google Docs is that once the diagrams are in there it's easy to browse from my phone.


My first instinct when scared of my stones being trapped is to jump. But sometimes I see these extensions in pro games. I saw it here and also in one of the Alpha Go game commentaries. I would like to remember to consider such a move as well. In this case, it seems better than jumping as it put pressure on the 2 black stones.

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