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 Post subject: Maeda Tsume-Go - 2019 reprint in 2 volumes
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Maeda's classic 3 volume series on Tsume Go was first published in 1965/1967 but has been out of print for some years. A revised edition in two volumes was published in November 2019. The editor of the revised edition is Ohashi Hirofumi, 6 dan, born in 1984.

Like many Go players from the late 1960s and 70s, I cut my teeth on Maeda's problems and I was interested enough to buy the new edition to see how it differs.

ISBN 978-4-488-00103-2 (Volume 1)
ISBN 978-4-488-00104-9 (Volume 2)

The original series of books contained 225+210+150 problems for a total of 585 problems. The revised edition contains 344+230 problems for a total of 574 problems, so eleven problems have been omitted. The introduction says that a few obvious mistakes have been cut out, some of these are problems where the first and third moves can be reversed, these have either been omitted or two correct answers given. I don't know if there is a list of these eleven problems somewhere on a Japanese web-site. Pehaps I shouldn't be surprised at 11/585 problems in error, or 1.88%, but I hadn't expected this, in the classic works yes, in Maeda's easier series no.

The biggest change is that the original series had a grade for each problem - eg (6-8 kyu) but this has been dropped. Readers of Japanese could read the hint and the problem strength, now just the hint.

New edition:
Larger page size
Clearer diagrams - first editions used movable slugs of type for each stone and intersection.
Some additional failure diagrams
Maeda's hint and answer text essentially the same
Some technical Go terms now in katakana, rather than kanji. eg ko
Some technical Go terms now in kanji, rather than katakana. eg oki (to place)
Move sequences now use "a", "b", "c" etc rather than traditional Japanese "i", "ro", "ha" etc
Similar layout with 2 or 3 problems/answers on each page - so multiple answers on a page
The first problems in the revised series are for 10 kyu, the last for (4-5 kyu) and therefore the first problems in the second volume of the revised edition also (4-5 kyu) finishing on dan level.

There is a good write up on Maeda on Sensei's Library (link above), also on TChan's site. Matthew McFadyen wrote about he had worked his way through all three volumes in the 1970s and he published his timings by volume. Good comments by Cho Chikun on tsume Go on TChan's site.

Still highly recommended, the first two volumes were recommended to me as a one kyu in July 1969, the third was seen as amateur dan level, but don't be afraid of the second volume in the revised series.

Price per volume Yen1800, price for Amazon airmail to UK Yen1820, or Yen5420.

Good Luck

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