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Weiqi Rapid Drill 800 Problems
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Author:  dfan [ Wed Sep 07, 2022 4:26 am ]
Post subject:  Weiqi Rapid Drill 800 Problems

I'm getting back into go after a couple-years break concentrating on chess. I had picked up Weiqi Rapid Drill 800 Problems (围棋快速练习 800 题) before my break but hadn't gotten around to it yet so it seemed like a good tsumego book to go through on my return.

It's fine. I was expecting something harder from the rating table in the back for judging your performance, which ranges from 2k to 3d, but the phrase "Rapid Drill" probably should have given me a hint that it wasn't that sort of book. I'd say the problem difficulties range from volume 2 to volume 3 of Graded Go Problems for Beginners. I could solve many problems on sight, or at least in under five seconds ("it's gotta be a throw-in - let's see - yep"), and most of the problems that I got wrong were because of carelessness rather than being at the edge of my reading ability. In fact, when a problem was quite hard for me to read I feel it was a clue that it's a pattern I should know better, since it's mixed in with a ton of stuff I can do without thinking. I scored 728/800, which put me at 3d, so I guess the rating table is closer to Fox than the Western ranks I'm used to (I don't know how close Fox is to Chinese real-life ranks).

Anyway, it's nice to have another book at the GGPB2-3 level, since I've gone through those two a dozen times, so it's a good book to add to an order if you're looking for that, but I don't think it's worth going out of your way to acquire. The physical quality was perfectly fine (you can see through the pages a little, but it's not as bad as the Lee Chang Ho sets).

Author:  xela [ Sun Sep 11, 2022 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weiqi Rapid Drill 800 Problems

I've got the same book. It was thrown in as a freebie when I bought something else. I agree with your evaluation.

dfan wrote:
... most of the problems that I got wrong were because of carelessness ...

Right. If I understand correctly, the point of "rapid drill" is to reduce the number of games you lose from that sort of carelessness.

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