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Taking logic further
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Author:  ElomKW [ Fri May 21, 2021 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Taking logic further

This is a mental exercise I've been doing for a while and I just saw something that reminded me of it ... 70#p265170
Mike Novack wrote:
ElomKW wrote:
It just makes sense in the case of mammals for XY's to have their mother's surname and XX's to have there father's surname.

I think for mammals makes most sense to take the mother's name. It is certain who is the mother but never more than strong likelihood about the father.

Different for seahorses and their kin. Perhaps more than one female has deposited eggs in his pouch. Maybe also for the various sunfish if more than one females deposits eggs in his nest.

It's hard to describe it but taking logic further is the I can do. Another example may be figuring out that in the opening, small differences in win percentage, for moves are meaningful.

Here, if all mammalian societies that developed linnienal surnaming took the purely logical route and gave offspring their mother's surname, we would have been rewarded by advanced technology :).

Another example is when Isaac 'the boss (or maybe gangster. Leibnitz was quite unfortunate) Newton extended the additive triangle to create a cooler way to calculate pi. ... -calculus/ factorises a problematic function to (x – 4)(x – 2) / (x – 4) and shows that cancelling the x-4's allows you to see that the limit when X=4 is 2. But the cancelling x-4's show 0*2/0=2, exactly as my hypothesis predicts! Since igo, shogi, chess, xiangqi and all perfect information game professionals are technically by definition 'psychological mathematicians' the inverse of mathematical psychologists, we might be able to intuite why mathematicians' have rejected conserving multiplications (and divisions) of zero or infinity by a number, and why zero is considered a number any more than infinity.

The homonyms qi/gi/ki mean the spiritual life force, used poetically to refer to a stones liberties in go, and a professional in these extalled arts. I'm on the side of using the most original meaning of a word as it's primary meaning, so I think it makes sense in english to combine the to and translate the latter meaning of kishi as spiritartist. This is based on the strictest definition you can have of the word spiritual. If something has an effect on the physical world, who are we to say it's non-physical just because it's not from the realm of physicality we're not familiar with. Everything is physical and material except mathematics. So mathematics and mathematical arts like perfect information board games--randomness requires a physical world to exist--, are the only truly spiritual things. I thought of this a couple of years ago but I've been to stuck in my own head to think of writing it down.

The next idea of mine I might write about on my next post in this topic here supposes that the answer to the hard question of consciousness would be found in personality psychology--in the form of personality morphology. Also everyone would like each other more :). But the hard problem of consciousness may only be solved if personality morphology is understood in detail and physicists treat the question of how matter came into existence as the same question as how does consciousness arise. If someone takes their brain and puts in the soil, they may reincarnate as a plant, and any fruit or flowers it has, and any worms in the soil if you'd rather not be a worm go in a pot plant. Or just live healthy.)--the every cell is conscious theory.

Author:  ElomKW [ Sun Jul 25, 2021 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking logic further

On shipping superfoods across many miles using many carbon emissions to people who would have never come across it in their native environment and then saying they ought to have this superfood to be truly healthy, I understand that people want to eat well. But our ancestors tens of thousands of years ago. If eating healthily required fruits from far distant lands, well--it seems a bit of an odd idea to my eyes. Saving foods that would be more unnatural for special occasions seem an idea consistent with are past situation, as it doesn't imply the highest health is only possible through the invent of efficient shipment.

The contrary to that is that if the healthiest diet is that closest to what hominins have eaten historically over time, then it does stand to reason that the healthiest foods would lie around the area the most modern hominins evolved before distant migration. Yet a counter argument to that would be that there is no reason to believe that evolution would adapt us to foods (and foods to any animal) much longer than the time we would naturally avoid an accident, or perhaps mathematically it could be shown to be notably longer than that if the bell curve for passing by accidents was uniform and wide, but then that would be the sticking point of whether the counter is correct :).

theBloomCurve (Flowerdom)

Author:  ElomKW [ Wed Jul 28, 2021 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Taking logic further

Another note about math would be parallel signing. I've felt a little uneasy about imaginary numbers but if I think that mathematics is based on the counting of space and deciding which direction is positive or negative, then it makes sense to say that the square root of minus one is actually plus one's parallel. No need for numberlines coming out of the page in the z axis, which makes absolutely no sense. Every number line has a parallel imaginary numberline with the signs reversed.

Faithfullness is only believing things according to the probability that it is true. This means you cannot believe anything outside of mathematics or the fact that you are having a conscious instant. No facts exist in the physical world.
As fan of the Bell Curve, while I realise 'mathematical' or 'Logical' fluid intelligence is a real thing (Although I hate the term IQ) that says nothing about a person's potential intelligence, as the brain conducts subconscious calculations hundreds if not thousands of times more complex than we do with our conscious mind. In addition and more importantly, I'd say it's the abundance of people with high intelligence that is destroying the planet--or rather the abundance of people with high levels of low-quality IQ. A so-called 'bad' person with a high IQ won't unnecessarily commit low-level crime. That sounds good but it's dangerous. They will instead create an organised crime ring or mafia*. Two people can have the same level of mathematical intelligence but one person sees intelligence as work and only useful and good in that it gets power and you can call other people stupid to show people they don't have power. While another person sees intelligence as good in and of itself and uses it socially by playing more mindsports with two or more players. In addition, everyone downplays their intelligence to different degrees in different circumstances in different situations. Psychology to me is a field with a lot of cringe, one example being the personality typing field (I haven't seen anything better than Myer-Briggs maybe in the ability to be impressed with themselves, meanwhile it's fashionable to bash the relatively low-key Briggs. In any case I've created a personality typing system based on genophenics that are universal across all eukaryoites, and proved that differences within a family are far more profound than those between different 'pseudosubsecies' or 'semi-subspecies' i.e. race. Although I had to improve biological classification atad (the 'many labels' trend is as annoying in academic fields and subspecies as it is in the determining of species and subspecies). Call it the Bloom Curve--intellegence and class structure across the animal kingdom.

*To be fair I don't think there's any meaningful difference between a country, a terrorist group, a company or an organised crime ring.

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