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Author:  Elom0 [ Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1/0

While watching Choi Jeong's game I suddenly came upon the solution.

It's not that you can't divide or multiply by zero, but rather that you cannot add or subtract from true zero. You've been taught a lie your entire life!

Author:  Elom0 [ Sun Jan 29, 2023 2:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1/0

To understand the misunderstanding regarding dividing by Zero, we first have to understand the misunderstanding regarding the imaginary numbers, which come about because mathematicians do not understand that the multiplication and division operations also have parity. -1-*-1=-1, negative one negatively multiplied by negative one equals negative one.

Let's say you want to find out the probability of one player winning a game against another. One person has zero rating points, the other has 1 rating point. The amount of times bigger the rating points are are the number of games needed for the other player to win 1 game. So, how many games would be needed before the other player wins 1 game? No amount of games, so say that 1 occurs after ∞ is a way of avoiding the question, since it's unfalsifiable. However, that infinity must be multiplied by 2 if the instead of 1 rating point they had 2. This is because it has been assumed that the other player has points, so all the laws of relativity in math must be observed.

The problem is that if it was -1, we'd be assuming -1 and with negative multiplication after -∞. But zero is neither positive or negative. Parity represents the direction in which a number got to it's size, but without moving in any direction there's no movement of which the parity can be determined. Which means the concept of adding and minusing zero is also unsound as muliplying and dividing by zero. You can have 0+1 and 0-1 but you can't have 1+0 or 1-0, 0 cannot have a parity sign in front of it.

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