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 Post subject: Igo Kansai
Post #1 Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:07 am 

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I recently posted a couple of items that mentioned the Kansai Ki-in. At the same time I was working with T Mark on some old KK magazines for the GoGoD database. Reading one of them made me aware that the KK doesn't really get the good press it deserves, being in the shadow of the Nihon Ki-in.

I therefore decided to translate the following game as an example of the different style the smaller organisation has. Both in the welcome it gives to visitors and in the tone of its magazine Igo Kansai it is much more homely and chatty than the Nihon Ki-in. The little bit of chat in the game here is typical of the magazine, and it is nice not just because it is friendly but because it gives some insight into the psychology of the pro's life.

This is by way of recommending that you add the Kansai Ki-in to your list of go places to visit, add them as a source of good moves, and maybe check out the magazine (the reason this thread is under Book Reviews). The magazine content obviously varies from year to year, but it is typically more focused on kyu players than the Nihon Ki-in magazine. That means more handicap games. lighter but still authoritative game commentaries (as here), and rather better problems. What I mean by the last remark is that normal Next Move problems are presented with a choice of three, four or five moves (as in this game, in fact). But Igo Kansai is fond of a format in which you guess the next move with no selection marked, but in the answer you find that up to 20 moves are scored and commented, so there is a good chance that your move is in there. It's a tiny change that makes a big and positive difference in enjoyment and usefulness, in my view. The only negative point, for some, may be that some of the chatty bits tend to be written in Kansai dialect (yukahen instead of ikanai, ee instead of ii, omoronai instead of omoshirokunai - that sort of thing). This is just local pride, and there's not too much of it. If you're English, try reading the game commentary in a Glasgow accent and you'll get some idea of the flavour :)

It is highly unlikely that you will have seen this game, as it's just been entered by T Mark, so you can answer the four Next Move quizes with a fresh perspective. But be aware that the quizes are there and don't click forward too rapidly if you don't want to see the answers too early. I've had to mangle the translation a little to fit the reader format (when will someone write a reader that deals with variations sanely and unambiguously?).

[sgf-full](;FF[3]C[Commentary by Miyamoto Naoki, interviewed by the editorial staff of Igo Kansai.

Miyamoto's comments are in " ".

GoGoD notes are in [ \]]
AP[MultiGo:4.2.1]SZ[19]EV[16th Meijin]RO[Kansai Ki-in Preliminary]DT[1990-02-08]
PC[Kansai Ki-in, Osaka]PB[Ushinohama Satsuo]BR[9d]PW[Miyamoto Naoki]WR[9d]KM[5.5]
;B[pd]C[Ushinohama is from Kagoshima. As is well known, he was a pupil of yours.

"Honda (Kunihisa 9-dan) and Oyama (Kunio 9-dan) used to come to my house in Amagasaki to study. Honda was a pupil of my teacher (Hashimoto Utaro 9-dan), but the fact was, I acted as a sort of substitute teacher. After them, I had young Ushinohama. Er, no... Matsumura (Osamu 4-dan) was before that, wasn't he?"]
;W[dc]C[Have you been drawn against Ushinohama?

"Lots of times. You might even say every year. I can't complain as it's a lottery, but sometimes I've beaten him. It seems like the teacher plucking the tender shoot that is his pupil."

It's part of the competitive go world, but it's still painful.]
;B[qp]C["It's hard to do and it's painful. I've often been drawn against Honda, too. Maybe too often - I play him every year. Last year I think I played Ushinohama twice. If you meet in a final it's not so bad, but it's usually in Round 1. Isn't this a Round 1 game, too?"

Same school - must be hard for the teacher.]
;W[oq]LB[dp:A][dq:B][op:C][qj:D]C[What sort of game does Ushinohama play?

"Very severe. Even too severe in some respects. There is no match for him when stones are crowded together, but, even so, it's not good to overdo it. His go is getting steadier. He has even won the 9-dan section of the Kisei. A few years ago there was a game where he was set to become the challenger in the Tengen, but he dozed off and lost on time. You miss opportunities if you do that sort of thing.

"Move 4 (marked) is a move that appears maybe once in thirty games here. It is normally at A or B. The high approach at C instead of 4 appears about once in every fifteen games, perhaps.

"If White 4 is at A in the lower left, it will be followed by Black 4, White D. This is a modern fuseki joseki but I don't like it. That's because of time limits. I don't have confidence in the endgame so I tried something less usual here."

[In 1980 Ushinohama went for a nap in the lunch break in one of the 8th floor Nihon Ki-in bedrooms, but didn't wake up in time and lost on time in the 6th Tengen Challengers' Final against Yamabe Toshiro.

Miyamoto's estimates for move 4 in this position are from pre-database days but are remarkably good. The GoGoD database gives 1 in 11 for C and 1 in 40 for White 4 in games up to 1990.\]]
;B[eq]C["His go is severe but he was a little late in coming to my house (in Amagasaki), although his health was good. Like his name, his go can be bullish. He's like Miyashita (Shuyo 9-dan, now dead). Miyashita was even known as the Wild Bull of Fukushima. In a way it's power go based on bad style - ha, ha, ha!"]
;W[po];B[qo];W[pm];B[pn];W[on];B[qn];W[ol]LB[om:A][ql:B]C["When I was playing this game (Hashimoto) Shoji (9-dan) was playing next to me and after White 12 he said, 'Never seen that before. It's a new move surely?' The joseki calls for White A, Black B."

[The GoGoD database agrees this White 12 was a novelty, and also shows it doesn't seem to have been played since.\]]
;B[op]C[Your White 12 had a deeper plan?.

"Because Ushinohama was my pupil I know him well. His go is about exploiting chinks in the opponent's position. I therefore delberately tried creating a chink by using the hanging connection. I thought he would probably try to do something immediately, and sure enough in he came with Black 13. I was thinking that if it becomes an immediate fight, White has an extra stone and so can fight favourably."

You'd got his measure?

"Ushinohama thought hard. He thought a long time about Black 13. He didn't care about the time it used. I hadn't thought at all - ha, ha, ha!"

[See also Variation\]]
(;W[np];B[no]C[A new joseki develops.

[In passing, the reference to "joseki" here is an example of even the Japanese using the word in the loose sense of corner pattern.\]]
;W[oo];B[pp];W[mp]C["I thought maybe I was doing alright. But once it develops like this, you can't leave off the fight. Although I am doing alright now, I made a duffer's move later on that on its own ought to have meant I could not win this game."

Go is after all a long-haul game.]
;B[mo]C["Although it is a desperate fight, White stands better because he has an extra move. The variation shown for White 20 is also possible."]
(;W[lp];B[lo];W[kp];B[ql]C["Although Black 23 is a good point, White still has the advantage in the fight because of his extra stone."]
;W[mk];B[ll]C["26 next (A) cannot be omitted after 25. If it is, see variation."]
(;B[rk]LB[qm:A][nm:B][pk:C]C["It is not impossible for Black to connect A instead of 27 . If he does, White will not defend at B but at C."]
;W[qj];B[qm]LB[pk:A][ok:B][lk:C]C["Having let Black hane on the side and then go back to 29, White cannot defend at A. That would be bad shape. But B is now a vital point, which Black got later on."

To elaborate on A being bad shape...

"It means that as White is not going to defend there, he will push in the centre at C instead. This is the urgent point as regards the focus of power."]
;W[lk];B[ko]C[Black slips in the push at 31.

"This is a loss in that it gives White his next move, but Black is making an investment."]
;W[jp];B[ok]C["Having made his investment with 31, Black can attach at 33 and fight strongly in the centre."]
(;W[nl]C["34 is inevitable." (See Variations)];B[pl];W[nn];B[jo]C[Black 37 is another investment push.]
;W[ip]C["White is happy to extend again."];B[jk]LB[qf:A][oi:B][rj:C][jj:D][cp:E]
C["Black was well aware of the loss incurred by 37, but the idea was to get 39. 39 is a vital point. More than that, it is a Tennozan point."

How does White respond to Black getting to this vantage point? Try to guess the next move for White out of A to E.]
;W[oi]LB[qf:A][rj:C][jj:D][cp:E]C[Next move answers\:

A\: 8 out of 10 (good point)

B = White 40\: 10 (the actual move)

C\: 6 (at least it's good shape)

D\: 6 (a standard move but premature)

E\: 4 (big point but wrong direction of play)]
;B[pk]C[41 is a patient play.];W[qf];B[nd]LB[lc:A][cp:B][ce:C][rd:D][jj:E]C["Now White has exchanged 42 for 43. You can play moves on the same points but depending on the order they can be score10 points or 4 points, or whatever."

Therein lies the interest of go. Let us make White 44 a next move problem, A to E.]
;W[lc]LB[lc:A][cp:B][ce:C][rd:D][jj:E][qc:F][rj:G]C[A = White 44\: 10 out of 10 (the actual, and an assertive, move)

B\: 8 (wrong direction of play)

C\: 6 (also the wrong direction)

D\: 6 (gote)

E\: 6 (still too early)

The reason D is gote is that Black defends at F and since he is then solid, White has to defend at G.]
;B[og]C["Black 45 is the sort of fighting spirit move you play in real games."]
;W[jj]TR[lc]C["Now this becomes a good move. "

The negotiations around here are interesting. Playing 46 too early just strengthens Black, but here ...

"The difference is that White 44, marked, is now there and in compensation for solidifying Black, White also becomes thick in the centre, which adds a plus to the move at the top."]
;B[ij];W[ji];B[kk];W[kj];B[ik];W[rj]LB[qg:A]C["52 is an important move. Thanks to this move, White has a connection on the edge even if Black plays A."]
;B[pi]C["If White now plays on the right, things will become messy and not good for him. I will therefore dodge to somewhere else. This is going to be the Ushiwakamaru tesuji."

[Ushiwakamaru was the child name of a famous 12th century warrior, Minamoto no Yoshitsune. His rebellious father was put to death but he was spared and was meant to train to become a priest. Instead he sneaked out of the temple and learned extraordinary sword skills from long-nosed goblins elsewhere in the mountains, which he used much later once he grew up.\]]
(;W[ii]TR[rj]C["White 54 is an important move. Because of White 52 on the right, marked, the group there will not die."]
;B[hi]LB[gi:A]C[What if Black does not play 55?

"A is a good point for White."]
;W[hh];B[gi];W[gh];B[fh];W[ig]LB[ih:A]C["If White omits 60, Black cuts at A and cannot be captured in a ladder."]
;B[fi]LB[fg:A][ce:B][cp:C][eo:D][io:E]C[What is the next move for White 62 (A to E)?
;W[cp]LB[fg:A][ce:B][cp:C][eo:D][io:E][ff:F]C[A\: 8 out of 10 (very natural but passive).

B\: 8 (Black can jump to F.)

C\: 10 (the actual move)

D\: 4 (not big enough)

E\: 4( Black will play C)]
;B[ni]LB[lj:A]C["He is aiming at bullying White on the right side, and also looking at the cut at A. I was worried."]
;W[nh]LB[lj:A]C[White played 64 anyway, as a sacrifice hit to protect against the cut at A.

;B[oh]C["Black is grateful to be given the atari at 65."];W[rg]C[White 66 fashions life on the right side. This was the crux of the middle game.]
;B[re]LB[lj:A][mi:B]C["If Black had cut at A, White would have played B."];W[rl]
LB[kd:A][nb:B][ff:C][ce:D][do:E]C[White 68 is forced. What is Black's next move (A to E)?]
;B[kd]LB[kd:A][nb:B][ff:C][ce:D][do:E]C[A\: 10 out of 10 (the actual move)

B\: 6 (big, but so what?)

C\: 8 (another good point)

D\: (big point)

E\: 3 (helps White).

"A is the sort of move Ushinohama is good at. If White answers straightforwardly here, he will be battered and bruised, and so I peeped next."]
(;B[pc];W[od];B[oe];W[nc];B[ne];W[ld]C["Pushing in here is the only move. In other words, since White is looking for life here, he can play strongly."]
;B[kf];W[pb]C["78 was an important forcing move, but it turned out not to be necessary."]
(;W[ke];B[le];W[je];B[jc];W[lb];B[ic];W[hd]LB[jf:A]C["If 88 is omitted, Black plays A. If then White tries to extricate his three stones, the White group in the centre will end up dead."]
;B[hc];W[lf];B[me];W[oa];B[eb];W[ec];B[id];W[jf]LB[ie:A][he:B]C["If White plays A instead, Black plays B. This is not a big deal for White, but 96 is better."

That's because 96 is thicker as regards the centre.]
;B[fb];W[cf]TR[cp]C[A reinforcement now that Black has played 97. How do things stand now?

"Now? Neither side has anything to be dissatisfied about. White has managed to settle himself in the centre, and he has been able to get in the marked stone."]
;B[db];W[ci]LB[cc:A]C[White dodges.

"Playing at A would be ponderous as Black is already alive up there."]
;B[hq];W[hp];B[gq];W[dq];B[ep];W[ir]LB[iq:A][jr:B]C["This or A? Not sure. In any event I can't do nothing. It would be huge to allow Black to slide to B."]
;B[dp];W[cq];B[co];W[bo];B[cn];W[bn];B[cm];W[bm]LB[hn:A]C["White 114 depends on what comes afterwards. White A instead is pretty good for White as it leaves the aji of an attack on Black."]
;B[hn]C[Black got this point through White's neglect.

"If White had jumped there, Black's territory would have been zero. Once he got this move, Ushinohama probably felt Black was doing well. But I felt fine with 116 next. It's perhaps a matter of different go styles."]
;W[cl];B[ch];W[bh];B[bg];W[cg];B[dh];W[bf]LB[ce:A]C["Inevitable. If White connects on the other side, Black plays A."]
;B[dl]TR[bm]SQ[hn]C["Black's centre group has turned into a nice territory. White's triangled move now looks dubious. Playing at the square-marked point would have been better, In go, one dubious move can have an immediate effect on the score."]
;W[ck];B[or];W[pq];B[pr]C[Strong play by Black.

"My reading was deficient here." (See Variation)]
(;W[nr]C["Being forced in sente in the lower right is awful for White. This is definitely not what I expected. My plans were all awry."]
;B[qq];W[go];B[gn];W[nq];B[qa];W[qc]C["White 134 is a loss, but I wanted to get sente."]
;B[qd];W[rc];B[rb];W[sb];B[rd];W[fo];B[en];W[cc]C["142 was big and this is why I made the loss in the upper right to get sente."

Who's winning?

"After Black's success in the lower right, it's close but probably in Black's favour."]
;B[sg]C["A nasty move. If White answers carelessly it turns into a picnic ko for Black, or White can even die."]
;B[hr];W[jr];B[bi];W[ag];B[sc];W[pa];B[dr];W[cr];B[cb]C["Black thought he had done for White. That's what Ushinohama's face told me."

But Black was in byoyomi. Something weird was about to happen.]
;W[dj];B[ek];W[ej];B[fj];W[fn];B[fm];W[eo];B[do];W[em]C["Back was flustered by this move."]
;B[ho]LB[dn:A]C["This turned out to be the losing move. He should have just quietly connected at A. Then there isn't much White can do."]
;W[gp];B[dn];W[io];B[in];W[jn];B[jm];W[lm];B[km];W[ln];B[kn];W[fr]TR[gp]SQ[ho]C[This is possible because Black gave White the triangled move.

"If the triangled move had not been made, it would have been a half-point game. And I also believe it would have been a half point to Black. This move finishes the game."

Is there anything else to comment on?

"Black has no hope now. There's nothing he can do. The square-marked stone has been a complete waste."]
;B[el];W[pg];B[ph];W[se];B[pm]C[White won by 4.5 points.

Of their five-hour time allowances, Black had one minute left, and White two minutes.])
(;W[sh];B[rh];W[qh];B[si];W[sf];B[rf]C[The picnic ko.])
(;W[rh];B[qi];W[ri];B[sk]C[White is dead.]))
(;W[qq];B[rq]C["This turns out to be a sente play against the White group above."]
;W[qr];B[sl];W[sk];B[sm];W[rm];B[sn];W[rn];B[so];W[ro];B[sp]C[White is dead.]))
(;B[ob];W[ma]C["The earlier forcing move helps White win the capturing race."])
(;B[ma];W[na];B[ob];W[la];B[ka]C["Black also has this. It is a ko. I wasn't sure whether a ko was good or not."])))
(;B[od];W[pc];B[nc];W[nb];B[mb];W[ob];B[mc];W[rc]C["This is nice for White."]))
(;W[pj];B[oj];W[ph];B[ni];W[oh];B[nh]C[White's worst choice.]))
(;W[pk];B[pl];W[om];B[nl]C["If White resists like this, he might as well give up."])
(;W[pl];B[nl];W[pk];B[nk]C["White can give up here, too."]))
(;B[nm];W[om];B[nl];W[qm];B[nk];W[qr]C["If Black plays this way, White makes hay elsewhere."]))
(;W[de];B[nm];W[om];B[nl];W[nk];B[ok]C["White is crushed."]))
(;B[mm];W[lp]LB[qm:A][ll:B]C["A and B are now miai alternatives for White, but I don't know whether this is better or not."])
(;B[lp];W[mn]C["Cutting at 1 leads to a ladder with 5."])))
(;W[pp]C["White 1 and so on...];B[oo];W[pq];B[nn];W[om];B[qq]TR[ol]C["... leaves the marked stone crying."]))[/sgf-full]

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 Post subject: Re: Igo Kansai
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 Post subject: Re: Igo Kansai
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I'm not sure why the SGF viewer isn't displaying in post 1, but here it is as an attachment to see if this works any better.

1990-02-08-Miyamoto-Ushinohama-commented.sgf [14.65 KiB]
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