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 Post subject: Personalised Experience.
Post #1 Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2022 1:04 pm 
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When I joined lifein19x19 at 14 I took pride in not making annoying social media accounts, and in any case I didn't think much of the attitude of being trendy and thinking that because something is new and flashy it's better. However, now I think about it I may have made a mistake in completely ignoring social media at that time, because by the time I made a few accounts it had become worse. One of the most cringe aspects is the personalised experience, relying on the modern societal trend of adults obsessing over how special they are in a manner that is reminiscent of children for them to bypass any doubts about how this personslised experience is concocted. I'm not saying the data collection itself is bad, I've no personal reason to object to others having my data so don't those terms for myself and agree to them, but there was some sales propaganda involved in selling that might make people treat actually dangerous companies the same way. Alas, I've kind of not spent much time on social media not through effort but simply because I don't think they're that good, I feel they're programmed with making money rather than actual human experience. Same with even services I do use like YouTube.

This made we wonder if the reason why we might want to become stronger at go could be because it legitimates our style or view of go.

So I wonder what kind of online service or social media platform would be created if making money was not a goal at all!

Digital currency is NFT's of game records, videos are not shown in a list, for large online services and social media platforms, it is socially destructive to have simplistic ways of expressing opinions like being able to only either like or dislike, so my algorithm should add things like the high nuance button and promote videos voted with a high nuance value. One could go further, a user could have the option of rating their likes on a scale, so liking a video is automatically 3 points of liking, but a user could click like again to adjust it from 1 to 5

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